Šalfé Watson’s Life - Greetings

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Šalfé Watson’s Life - Greetings

Joseph Watson is the fursona of Jožin Watson

My name is Šalfé (Shalfey) Watson, and I am a 21 year old double-tailed lion who officially represents who Aclevo is, or at least I think. I heard Selenium was in the talks of replacing me with a cat because they represent the Autistic Community better than lions can. “Hey! I am the best mascot for Aclevo. I represent Reasonably Selenium the best. My blue-white hair makes me Aclevo-worthy,” Joseph Watson says as he interrupts me. “Joseph, or as I should call you, Jožin; do you really think your feline characteristics ...

The Revival of Aclevo - What's Coming/Changing

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With Sage (TheRealSFC)’s departure from Aclevo, all of the SFC branding is going to rest. The blog posts are being transferred over to a new blog by The SFC Group, hosted on Blogger. The SFC-Aclevo is being reverted back to just “Aclevo”. The intro/outro is being changed to not infringe The SFC Group’s. We are evolving into the Autism Civil Rights and Advocacy Group that we were always supposed to be. With this, there’s going to be a lot of changes taking place in order to make Aclevo great again and let us flourish like never before.

What's Coming

We are making a new series called "Life with ...

Chapter 2 - My True Soulmate

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Chapter 2 - My True Soulmate

"Morning, bab. It's time to get up. Don't want to be late for school." my soulmate says to me as they wake me up from my deep slumber. They give me a tight cuddle and a big kiss on the lips as I gain consciousness. "Hey there honey. How ya doing?". "Oh, I'm always good when I'm with you." they say, making a piggy sound. "Of couse, my cute precious piggy.". They giggle, "Aww, bab. Why don't you take Piggy for a walk to the cafeteria so they can be fed?". "Sure bab. Let's go have some breakfast." I said, and then we both got dressed and took off to the cafeteria.

As ...

Chapter 1 - My True Soulmate

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Chapter 1 - My True Soulmate

It was another cold brisk morning as I woke up right next to the best girlfriend I could ever have. I smooched my face into their nice brown hair with pretty blonde highlights. They then woke up and turned toward me, revealing their gorgeous blue-green eyes and chubby puffy pale cheeks. "Morning bab. How ya doing?" they say as they reach in toward me and give me a kiss on the lips. "Doing good, cutie. How bout you?". "Oh, I'm always good when I'm with you, bab. You're the best.". We reached in to each other again for another flavorable kiss and a nice tight bear hu...

Introduction - My True Soulmate

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My True Soulmate is a story written by Reasonably Selenium about him and his true soulmate while in college. Almost being twins, they have many abilities they use to support one another. With both of them having similar struggles in their past, they each share their stories and learn to better understand each other. (The struggles and troubles that Reasonably Selenium had will also have their own blog post on the blog under My Troubles & Struggles.) They also help each other when times get bad.

Aclevo's New Direction - The Divorce of The SFC Group

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With the SFC-Aclevo Merger coming to an end, Aclevo will be heading in a new direction as it recovers from a major downscaling. Sadly, this means The SFC Group will be independent from us, however we will still remain partners for as long as we can. But because of this, many changes are expected to take effect in the future as 2017 comes to a close. This will be a big game changer on our end.

We’re Downscaling (Heavily)

As you might have seen, the Disabled Communities was abruptly discontinued. This was caused by Reasonably Selenium having some personal issues going on in his life. As a result...

The Worst Bus Ride Ever

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It was a rainy day on the street I was waiting for the bus on. I left school very early so I wouldn't miss it. Just me alone this time, no one to guide me or correct me when I made a mistake. My first independent trip was about to turn very scary. Here is my experience about the worst bus ride I ever took.

Thinking it was going to be a sunny, grateful trip unlike the last, I planned a trip to go from my school to my home. It was the same route as last time, and I thought it was fairly easy to understand. I even printed out a copy of my map to make sure everything was correct. Even the times we...

Artificial Intelligence surveillance is on the rise

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For the past years we’ve been recorded in public on security cameras, police bodycams, livestreams, other people’s social media posts, and so on. But even if there’s a camera in our face, there has always been a slight assurance that strangers wouldn’t really be able to do anything that affects us with the footage. The time and effort it would take for someone to browse through months of security footage to find a specific person, or search the internet on the off-chance they’ll find you is just unrealistic. But not for AI.

Long possible in Hollywood thrillers, the tools for identifying who so...


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August,16 2017

Today our staff board has came up with an idea of sperating aclevo with a new organization called deleno because some of our members are being inactive and are not working towards our standards. som people will be sent here on violation of COC and for not following orders of the board and not working. Think of deleno as what aclevo is right now without the new strict standards that will come into place soon. if you have any questions please contact Reasonably Selenium ASAP

update September,18 2017

We are currently establishing the deleno server

Nintendo Miiverse Shutting Down

Posted in Games, Technology on Jul 30, 2017

Now this might not be very important to quite a few of you, but for people who love using Miiverse on their 3DS, Wii U, etc. (Switch excluded), will be shocked on what Nintendo is doing.

Note that this has not been officially announced, and there are many months that Nintendo tricked us.

For now, it's only a rumor, but if it does happen (probably won't), then...

Goodbye Miiverse.