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Public Apology And Important Annoucement

Dear all Aclevians and To Whom It May Concern;

As of the release of this blog post, we will be discontinuing our Project Take Two, Nen Watson, WIPdows, and Cymon spoofs. We will also modify our "Life with the Watsons" content to add uniqueness to our content. Our current content currently violates the copyrights and trademarks of "Ducky Ducklett" and has caused multiple forms of damage to them instead of furfilling our true intents. We will be explaining what our true intents and the actions we will be taking in the upcoming days to attempt as much damage as possible.

Our True Intents

For thos...

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New Site Changes

Hi guys, It's TheCodingGuy. If you haven't noticed, Aclevo has been doing some behind-the-scenes work on the Aclevo website. Aclevo's new website is now hosted by... well, your's truly, TheCodingGuy. I would of never thought of doing such a job, but it's worth it. It took about a week (without counting breaks, or I just forgot), and eventually on January 15th, 2018, the new website was now ready for changes. Thank you for your time and patience as we upgraded from the old Aclevo site (hosted by RXDesign) to the new Aclevo site (hosted by TheCodingGuy).

Sincerely, TheCodingGuy

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2018 New Year's Message

Hello there everybody, and welcome to the start of 2018. We have some big changes planned for Aclevo’s future, especially as an Autism Advocacy and Civil Rights group, so listen up. We will be discussing our new policies that will be taking effect, our new missions that we plan to work towards, and our new plans for video series and blog series that are coming out soon.We will also be announcing our new executives, and our acquisition of the TKPC (Another Tech to Speech Community), Deleno, and Treehouse. Let’s cut the chase and get right to this… (because we can be informal as we wish as long ...

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Artificial Intelligence surveillance is on the rise

For the past years we’ve been recorded in public on security cameras, police bodycams, livestreams, other people’s social media posts, and so on. But even if there’s a camera in our face, there has always been a slight assurance that strangers wouldn’t really be able to do anything that affects us with the footage. The time and effort it would take for someone to browse through months of security footage to find a specific person, or search the internet on the off-chance they’ll find you is just unrealistic. But not for AI.

Long possible in Hollywood thrillers, the tools for identifying who so...

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Nintendo Miiverse Shutting Down

Now this might not be very important to quite a few of you, but for people who love using Miiverse on their 3DS, Wii U, etc. (Switch excluded), will be shocked on what Nintendo is doing.

Note that this has not been officially announced, and there are many months that Nintendo tricked us.

For now, it's only a rumor, but if it does happen (probably won't), then...

Goodbye Miiverse.

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HTTPS Problem

(This blog post is regrading the problem with REDIRECT ISSUES with HTTP & HTTPS)

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Introducing TheCodingGuy

Hello everyone!

I am the newest member of Aclevo. I recently signed up for this job, and so far my experience is GREAT! I mean the people who work here are funny. (at least the owner). I am very happy to start working here. Anyway, enough of this, it's time for me!

Hi, I'm Matthew, formerly TheCodingGuy (on Discord)!

Like I said, I'm proud to get enrolled here, but I must talk a little about myself so everyone can get to know me better. I am Matthew, and well, I am a web designer, and web developer. (You could check out my website:, but formerly I own a small co...

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A Public Apology To Carver

Dear Carver;

I, Reasonably Selenium, publicly apologize for not being assertive about what was going on with the problems with our organization, for not respecting the services you have personally gave for Aclevo, and for not taking down the video in question that you previously wanted me to take down. I should have been more upfront about what my organization, my peers, and my partners needed from you to make our company thrive. Instead, I betrayed you by talking behind your back about the problems we were facing. I should have merited the services you gave to us, which you worked very hard o...

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How to remove your Facebook and why you should

Worried about missing out? Don't be. It has never before been easier to completely remove Facebook from your life, and here's why and how you should do it.

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Vegan Dairy-Free Oreo Milkshake (Ice Cream Optional)

Do you crave milkshakes, but can't digest milk? As a person who cannot digest milk, I had the same problem as you, so I needed to find a good alternative that would satisfy my stomach. Looking around, I found the best way to make a milkshake without the milk, while still finding a way to adding fruit into the mix. Here is a list of ingredients that you will need to get started.

  • Chocolate Soy Milk
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Chocolate Syrup (OPTIONAL, enhances taste)
  • Chocolate Soy Ice Cream (OPTIONAL, enhances thickness)

NOTICE: Please feel free to experiment the measurem...

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