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Aclevo's 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

As of this blog post, today is January 1st, 2019. Aclevo is going to be taking a huge turn to good this year. I, as your new Co-Owner & Secretary, will strive to make Aclevo take a huge turn this year. My goal for Aclevo is to make Aclevo run, even after Reasonably Selenium decides to step down.

Aclevo's 2019 will be the best year for Aclevo. This year, we will be assigning more fun and just-right tasks for our members. We accept anyone who is willing to join our awesome group (Reminder: We aren't a company and we don't plan to become one anytime soon).

In other news, ...

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Discontinuation Of Services -- Important Annoucement

Welcome back to Aclevo, and Merry Christmas to all of you.

With 2018 coming to a close, and 2019 on the rise, there has been some inner discusion about our current goals, what should be changed, and how we should be approaching 2019. Sadly, our final decisions with what we are planning to do will result in some services to be either reduced or be thrown away for good in return for new services that will be planned. You will learn more about these new goals and what we plan for the future in an upcoming blog post later in 2019 once we finalize our ideas and put them into motion. (It will be rea...

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate [Review]

Well, before too many people make me look like a bumhole, I want to say that Smash Bros is a really fun and generally accepted Video Game series, and the latest addition to the series is one of the best of the best at this time! With a campaign mode where you go around the world, collecting spirits and saving the fighters of Smash Bros. To a fun multi-player mode where you can face off against the computer or play with your friends in local play, to also an online mode which I haven't even checked out yet due to not having a Switch Online membership.

But all and all the game is one of the best...

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I'm the Animal! (Song Parody)

Original Post by Nathan125:

(Original Base: Unknown) (Original Song by DAGames)

Original Song:…


Look inside my eyes I am the animal

This new debotury signals me to call I'm contemplating, do I waste my breath For I have sanctuary savored for a cause But you bite back and I hold back Just strike and you will see

Running into obligations over complications You're wasting my time Filling up an aggravation Now I can't stand by you There's another correlation from an observation Yo...

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My Little Gachaverse (Part 1)

Original Story by Nathan125... Deviantart:

Our story begins at Twilights Castle. Soni and Gamer Pony, with there friend Nathan arrived at the castle to meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle about there potential future and what there elements might be. But suddenly Twilight and Nathan's horns glow for no apparent reason and they create a portal in front of them. Gamer and Soni were shocked as they didn't know what in the wide world of equestria just happen.

Nathan: Um... Twilight, did we just make that?
Twilight: Appears we have, but where does it l...

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Welcome Back to Aclevo

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Aclevo. I'm the founder and owner, Reasonably Selenium, and we have some great updates for you all. Be sure to stay tuned to learn out what's been going on, what's in store, and what you missed. There's a lot that's happened between the 6 months since the time we were acquired by Dorper, and we feel it's important for everyone to know what happened to us at that time.

Our Achievements Of The Past

Ever since 2015, Aclevo has been uniting people around the world to work together and make cool things. With over fifty overall members that have come and gone, Acl...

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Inanimatics! EP3 - That's Sick, Yo!

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Windows: eating a little bag of Tera-bites

Blue Heart: comes and sits beside Windows Hey there, Win.

Win: Hey, Blue.

Blue: sees the bag of Tera-bites Ooh, lemme have one! reaches in the bag to get one and takes a bite out of it only for her tongue to get electrocuted Agh! It zapped my tongue!

Win: Sorry to say, Blue, but only software beings like me can taste the goodness. shows her the bag See?

Blue: Oh. How does it taste?

Win: Sort of cheesy, with a sour-creamy trace.

Blue: Alrighty.


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Inanimatics! EP2 - A Sticky Situation

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Bella: reading a comic book

Blue Heart comes downstairs and sits beside Bella Hey.

Bella: Oh hi there. You gotta look at this comic!

Blue: looks at the comic

Bella: Cool right?

Blue: I didn't know there were living bushes.....

Windows 3.1: comes downstairs holding a bucket of paste

Blue: Hey, Win.

Win: Hey there, Blue. Hi, Bella.

Bella: What do you have that bucket of paste for?

Win: Oh, just gonna decorate my room.

Blue: With what?

Win: Oh, the usual...colored paper, pictures...

Bella: You'r...

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Inanimatics! EP1 - The Start

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

NOTE: Before you proceed to read this, I just want you to know, this object show is not like any other. It doesn't have objects competing until one is left, no. It instead, is like these cartoons you see on TV. Okay, all I wanted to say, enjoy! :)

Blue Heart: fixing the camera Anyone listening? No? Alright. clears throat Name's Blue Heart, and I'm here to introduce you to the Discord Lodge.

(Inside the Discord Lodge)

Blue Heart: Okay, so we're here! The Discord Lodge, where I, along with other peeps, live! Let me show you around! *points camera to Wind...

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Artificial Intelligence Surveillance is On The Rise

For the past years we’ve been recorded in public on security cameras, police bodycams, livestreams, other people’s social media posts, and so on. But even if there’s a camera in our face, there has always been a slight assurance that strangers wouldn’t really be able to do anything that affects us with the footage. The time and effort it would take for someone to browse through months of security footage to find a specific person, or search the internet on the off-chance they’ll find you is just unrealistic. But not for AI.

Long possible in Hollywood thrillers, the tools for identifying who so...

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