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Aclevo has had many websites in the course of it's history. With many internal changes that happened over the years, the websites themselves have reflected what most members wanted to see in the community. In fact, the idea of Aclevo was started from the idea of a personal website made by the owner, Reasonably Selenium. Some of the websites that Aclevo had could not be found, especially the early alpha versions that included the first logo. Therefore, this archive does not have the proposed grey-white website design schemes.

The first official website to use the blue-white color scheme was made in Wordpress. The nav bar included links to the home page, the blog, the about page, and the media page, as well as a search button if users wanted to look up a page or post. The home page had a slider which would lead to the blog, the about page (as seen here), and other pages. To the bottom left, there was copyright text that read, "Copyright 2016, Aclevo Family Websites". To this day, the intent was unclear about what The Aclevo Family was, and therefore changed to just Aclevo. To the bottom right gave credit to the theme author for making this Material Design-like theme, and an up button that could be pressed to send the user back to the top of the page. Efforts were made to place the footer at the bottom of the screen, but each of them failed in the code so it was left be.

Image - Spectacle.ZK9161.png

The second official website was made in Adobe Muse instead of Wordpress. It featured a semi-Material Design feel, and removed the footer. The slider was kept on this version of the website, but transitions were changed to simple fades. It introduced a new navbar, as well as some new pages that were not present earlier. "Explore" went to various parts of the website, such as the Downloads, Blog, and FAQ page respectively. It also led to a work-in-progress projects page that was never finished. "About" led to the Members page and a work-in-progress Contact page that was never finished in this version of the website. This was the first website to ever add a way to Apply for Aclevo, which allowed people to become part of the team and work on amazing content with each other. This would be the last website to use the slider.

Image - Error_20170604_131047.png

The third official Aclevo website was written entirely in PHP and HTML, scrapping Adobe Muse as a backend. The front page described the new backend as a better experience with less loading times. Materialize was used as a CSS framework to aid in the use of Material Design on the website. The slider was removed because the owner could not find a way to add it in. There were many other problems with the website as well that were not handled in this version. On the bright side, this version of the website added a live page, a media page, and a more page which would advertise similar organizations and groups like Aclevo. "Apply" and "Contact" were moved to their own place on the website and were changed to buttons to emphazize that more members should join Aclevo to help make it better. The members page was also improved to feature the members themselves and give out basic summaries about who they are and what department they work in.

Image - Error_20170604_131902.png

The fourth official website of Aclevo, as well as the later versions of the website, were hosted on an ex-members home. It ran on NodeJS, Angular, Express, and jQuery. Alot of changes were made by him in order to make the website better. One of them was to move the about page to the home page, the place users first land at. Another change was to put the navbar in a side panel instead of at the top of the page. This side panel divided up navigation into three sections: Pages, Projects, and Members. Some pages were removed in this version because they were deemed unnecessary at this point. This old member also helped with later versions of the website below.

The fifth version of the website was lost in the archives. It ran on Drupal, and it maintained a good level of simplicity. Some pages were restored in this version of the website. Not much is known about this version other than this. If anyone can find this version, please contact one of the admins.

Image - Error_20170604_133050.png

The sixth version of the website ran on Ghost. All of the pages in other versions of the website simply did not exist in this version. Instead, there were many blog posts that users could read and enjoy. Advertisements ran on Adsense in order to collect money for Aclevo and help generate revenue. An earlier version of this website simply used the Ghost default theme, but the later version as photographed here used Ghost Material. At the top, there were links to the organization's Twitter and GitHub that users could check out for themselves. The blog was essential for communication between the Aclevo members and discovery for new members. For some members, it was too simple to be considered the organization's official website, For others, however, the simplicity was accepted and everyone enjoyed it.

Image - Error_20170604_133938.png

The seventh version of the website was powered by DjangoCMS on Gunicorn on Nginx on HAProxy on Cloudflare. It had many new features, including internationalization, better menus, Bootstrap 3, better looking pages, easier management, and higharchal structure . Long awaited by many members of Aclevo, it was one of the best versions ever made. Without it, this About page would probably have never been written. (Which would be sad because a lot of work hard was put into this.) It features many of the pages that other versions have left out, and also simplifies the application form to make it easier for members to join.

The eighth and current version of the website is ran on RXdesign's servers. It uses the Flatly Bootstrap Theme on top of OctoberCMS, a simple and modular CMS (Content Management System) based on the Laravel PHP Framework. The server itself uses Nginx as a reverse-proxy and Apache2 as webserver and is using MySQL as database system. It is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands running on a redundant 1 Gb/s network. Being hosted from a new server, Aclevo's new WIP (Work In Progress) website is set to include many features from the previous website, as well as new features that are planned to be released soon. There will be more information about the site coming soon, so please stay tuned.

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