Unlike some communities that help the disabled, our philosophies are based on the struggles and the suffering that Reasonably Selenium had to deal with in the real world. The stress that came with his disabilities inspired him to create his own ideologies, unlike the others. They boil down to the following: Anti-Conformism, Aclevo Individualism, and Purism. He always believed that fascist ideologies were never the answer to the problems that people on the spectrum face. Below is an explanation of what these philosophies are and why they matter.


Anti-Conformism is defined as being different from other people, and being yourself. It means not going to places where you feel uncomfortable. For instance, if your friends want to force you to go to a concert with him and you don't like loud noises and bright lights, you tell them they can go screw themselves. The truth is that this person is not your friend if their goal is to make you uncomfortable. It also means fighting against the oppressive means to drag people out of their comfort zones. For example, Reasonably Selenium took a two-week "vacation" from school to show his school he wasn't going to handle dealing with huge crowds and noisy places. With Anti-Conformism, it is okay to screw up as long as you are completely honest about your feelings, are open to support from those who care about you, and work together with us to get the skills to fight it off next time. As long as you're honest with us and you aren't trying to manipulate our emotions (some of us are empaths here and we do not want to deal with people that don't need our support, being fairly honest here), we'll accept you ok?

Aclevo Individualism

Anti-Normieism expands the idea of being yourself to doing things other people wouldn't do. It means expressing the right to have one's own opinion regardless of what the others say. We believe that you should be able to have your own ideas without being discriminated by other communities. We embrace and fully respect the cultures of other people and honor those who resist. For instance, we should not have to like pop music because others do. Aclevo Individualism builds on self-character and encourages people to express their talents in order to achieve success in life.


Purism is the definition of staying away from drugs and alcohol your entire lifetime. We believe that there are other ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression other than substance abuse. Drugs and Alcohol do a lot of damage to your body that cannot be explained in one simple page. We are always here to help and support people who are going through bad events, and we will always be happy to get you in touch with agencies that deal with these types of problems as necessary. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.