Aclevo has had many logos over the past two years of service. We recovered them from our artifacts and we can't wait to tell you all about them and why they were important to our organization's history.


Image - Aclevo-Transparent Background.png

The first ever logo that was ever created included a grey person with a green shirt holding a grey ball with the company's text in a green Neuropol font. It was found deep in the archives in some uncategorized folder; the owner thought he had actually lost the logo until he was relieved to have found it. This special piece was used on some of the alpha versions of the Aclevo Website. The man represents the youth and freshness of Aclevo. Him playing with a ball represents that he is fit, just like how Aclevo is because it was so new at the time. It was created on November 21st, 2015, and was used until it was replaced.

Image - Aclevo A.png

This was the second logo after the first one was discontinued on December 6th, 2015. The logo resembles the letter "A" without a line in between it, with the other letters sitting roughly on the right curve. This "A" represented a peak of a mountain where the entirety of the organization met. This would later be the basis for all of the logos designs. It was used during one of the alpha stages of the website. At this stage, no one really knew about Aclevo nor what it was about yet. In fact, Reasonably Selenium was the only member of the organization at this point.

Image - Aclevo - Logo.png

The blue circle design for the logo was first introduced in its third generation on December 24th, 2015. The owner wanted simplicity in his logos, therefore causing him to make his logos flatter inside colored circles. The peak idea from the earlier logo was maintained. Some could say this is the first modern logo of Aclevo for several reasons. For one, it is the first to introduce the blue circle design. For two, there were no members other than Reasonably Selenium before this logo, and therefore no one else would recognize the previous ones. For three, the logo represented the major growth era where we were getting a major head start and expanding rapidly.

As Aclevo started to grow and become bigger, it's professionality started to come into question. The peak design of the previous logo was not a good representation of this. As a result, Aclevo introduced this new simplified design of the peak on July 24th, 2016. This would be the most popular of the blue circle designs until the new design superseded the rest later on. It represented Aclevo during its good classical times until the last blue circle design was put into place.

Image - discord-aclevo.png

The final blue circle design logo was introduced on December 27th, 2016. This marked the end of the high peak mountain in the Aclevo logos. Instead, a circle letter "A" was used for the logo with the middle line having a bit of wave. This is one of the only logos to not be designed by the owner. It was actually designed by one of the members in Aclevo, Reesehan Schavinchez. The unnecessary smoothness of the logo itself caused a bit of glow, which in turn, caused some members to dislike this version. It wasn't even shown on the Aclevo Websites after 2017.

Image - discord-aclevo.png

The new logo was officially enacted on April 1st, 2017. The idea actually started as an April's Fool joke, but everyone liked it so much that the organization kept the beautiful masterpiece. It was created to represent all of Aclevo working together in order to make a better community. It is made of 4 circles, each with a different color representing different departments. Parts of the circles were removed and unified, making the logo look somewhat like a dolphin. The symbolism of the dolphin represents tranquility, security, resurrection, and cooperation; which is Aclevo's main mission as an organization.

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